A loving wanderer

An ordinary girl living to serve her extraordinary creator. wandering where He leads to show His amazing Love.

Do you ever sometimes feel like you’re just a fallback? Like you put so much of your heart into so many relationships to then only be called when you’re needed? When it’s convenient for them? Because they know that you’ll always be that encouragement, that person who will drop everything to help them, That you’ll run back and forgive them after they’ve disappointed you once again.

It doesn’t mean that you stop loving them. It just means that you realize this pattern and decide for yourself that you’re not just someone’s fallback. Stop asking what you need to do differently to be their first choice. Thank Jesus for this heart that he has given you. It feels a lot of things very strongly, and It has it’s pros and cons, let me tell you. But it’s a gift that he holds so close to his heart. Jesus knows what this feels like. He’s had it the worst of all of us. But still he loves us so much that he is always there to welcome us with open arms.

This is the time when we need to act like Jesus the most. We need to forgive, love, encourage, show grace, even when we just feel like a fallback. We will pray that the ones who hurt us will see Jesus through our actions and that He will take care of the rest. Don’t let your heart turn to stone. Don’t let it fill up with bitterness. I know it seems like the easiest thing in the moment. But we need to be cautious of our actions and of our hearts.

We need to look at how we can show Jesus to the ones who are closest to us. Sometimes that’s the hardest. But It’s so so important. If the ones closest to us can’t see Jesus through us, then how are we supposed to go out and bring others to His Kingdom?.